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Chatbot will present an offer

ChatGPT on your website

We will integrate chatGPT with the content available on your website. Thanks to the technology it is based on, chatGPT will be able to engage in smooth and interactive communication with your customers. We will ensure that it only provides information from your website, excluding any unverified or competing sources. Its purpose will be limited to promoting and selling your products, rather than answering questions about the meaning of life ;) Remember that chatGPT has its limitations, so if you are looking for a complementary solution, ask us about a dedicated chatbot!

Boost your company's sales and marketing with tailor-made chatbot AI

24/7 availability

Be always there for your customers.

Personalize your offer

Get to know the consumer and make tailored recommendations.


Streamline campaigns across different advertising channels.

Access to data

Make analytics and optimization easy.

Chatbot na podstawie wcześniejszych zakupów proponuje sprzedaż wiązaną
Chatbot na podstawie zdjęć dobiera podobne produkty
Chatbot rozumie polecenie mimo literówki

Present a tailored offer

  • Guides users through the entire sales process - from the beginning to purchase.

  • Can provide customized recommendations to photos attached by the user.

  • Chatbot understands instructions even with typos or key words are not used.

What chatbot do for your company

With the use of the latest achievements of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and NLP, our experts will create a special chatbot tailored to the individual needs and specificity of your company for Customer Service, Sales, HR departments, Accounting and Administration.

Discover chatbot capabilities for the banking sector

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Get the best employees by streamlining recruitment

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See our other chatbots

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Chatbot to support the dean's office, staff, students and candidates.

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Administration, accounting and HR

Streamline processes, save employee time, and cut company costs.

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Customer service, logistics and supply chain

Optimize costs. Solve your customers' problems immediately. Increase the scale of your operations.


Integrates with popular platforms

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