Automation and management of processes at universities

Rectorate: HR and payroll system for universities


of Software Development by the University of Lodz


Rectorate is a system developed entirely in-house by the IT Center team of the University of Lodz as part of the activities of the consortium "Standardization of Management Solutions for Universities" formed by the University of Lodz and the University of Opole. Thanks to the involvement of a group of specialists from different areas working in an efficient team, the created tool is secure, efficient and ideally suited to the needs of academic institutions. It is implemented by Sages.

System for HR and payroll departments of universities

    • Comprehensive file of university employees
    • Handling more than one type of employment and function
    • Integration with EZLA (sick leaves)
    • Registration in insurance institutions (ZUS)
    • Integration with social module: benefits management
    • Handling of teachers and non-teachers
    • Civil-law agreements
    • Ability to create any number of additional and project lists
    • Enhanced payroll costing with support for multiple funding sources and projects
    • Integration with financial and accounting systems- Contracts resulting from projects
    • Expanded module with saved report templates
    • Possibility of individual setting of report specifications
    • Reports for comparison with GUS
    • Reports made in BIRT (technology also used in USOS)
    • Integration with any university system

System distinguishing features

From academia for academia icon (uni symbol displayes on the screen)

Created for universities

Takes into account upfront payment, employment of one person under several agreements, etc.

Complex solution icon (settings and files displayed on screen)

Comprehensive solution

Responsible for processes and topics related to both HR and payroll.

Efficient and fast icon (rocket, graph, screen)

Efficient and fast

Calculates salaries and generates reports within minutes, not hours.

Highest security standard icon (shield and padlock)

Highest standard of security

Developed with modern technologies. Logging integrated with Active Director.

Full integration with POLon in the area of employee records and personnel

Comprehensive solution

System for HR and payroll departments of universities created by universities. 20+ years of development together with university specialists allow us to efficiently support both the HR area (with integration with POLon or generating statements for the Central Statistical Office) as well as the payroll area (system includes the solutions for the specific needs of universities). In Rectorate 2.0 we calculate the salaries of teachers and administration regardless of the form of employment, we know what the author's costs and projects are, we also understand that an employee can perform several functions at a university and be employed there more than once.

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