USOS functionalities

University Study-Oriented System - an IT system managing the course of studies at a university. Main usage areas include:

For students

For employee

Educational offer (class schedules and catalog)

Studies administration (recruitment for university, grades, registration for classes)

The wages

Applications, Electronic ID cards (students, PhD students, academic teachers, other employee)


Scholarships and students exchanges



International exchange

USOS tailored to your needs

The implementation includes system installation, migration of basic data and integration with other systems used by the university. The service is only for the institutions with the status of a MUCI affiliate in the USOS project. Joining MUCI requires: consent of the MUCI, payment of the entry fee, payment of the annual fee. After installing USOS, MUCI gives each university permission to use any of the existing services. Sages supports the implementation and management of each of them.

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Administration services: management of classes, class groups, protocols, settlement of stage requirements, export of student data to POL-on

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Report server, a technical component necessary to generate reports from USOS/USOSweb/APD.

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User authentication module, necessary for the functioning of USOSweb, USOSapi and APD.

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Web version of USOS for students and academic teachers, allowing online administration

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USOS Mobile

USOSweb application for the smartphones (including news, schedule, surveys, payments, grades) for Android and iOS platforms). In addition, the user receives notifications on the mobile phone about events taking place in the USOS system.

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Classroom Reservation System (SRS) (SRS)

A platform for booking classrooms across the university. It enables effective use of all classrooms at an university.

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Dissertations Archive (APD)

A catalog and repository of electronic versions of dissertations, fully integrated with JSA and ORPD.

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A platform for conducting any type of online surveys for any groups and subgroups of the university community. It can also be used for remote voting.

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ECTS guide

A public platform that provides information on the ECTS Credit Transfer and Accumulation System. The guide contains two catalogs: study programs and subjects (with their evaluation in ECTS points).

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Evaluation of Academic Teachers (EVA)

A platform supporting the process of annual evaluation of academic teachers and supporting academic teachers in submitting reports on their scientific and didactic work to their organizational unit.

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Fully documented public web application programming interface. It facilitates the work of programmers when integrating USOS with other existing solutions, including external domain systems of individual universities. It enables the university that has implemented USOS to participate in external (including nationwide and international) IT projects.

Support from Sages

The service is only for those institutions which has the status of a MUCI affiliate in the USOS project.

Updating the current version of the USOS system at the Institution

SLA package - the service of managing the Customer's infrastructure

Technical Package

Ongoing installation of the latest version of the USOS system.

Keeping the software updated to the latest version.

A package of Technical/Development hours that can be allocated to any actions of your choice, e.g.: data import, report definition, technical and content consultations, implementation of new System modules, etc.

Installation of SAIM software to support monitoring of system performance.

Administration of the software environment, ensuring business continuity and system availability.

Benefits of working with Sages

Sages' proprietary solution - SAIM system enables 24/7 system monitoring, consistency of installation on every environment and constant updates. On the one hand, the automation of the solution ensures a lower cost of the service, and on the other hand, by the use of carefully selected, best software solutions, it means detecting and preventing most problems before they appear.

Ensuring the correct functioning of the software even with a large number of system integrations.

Avoiding the risk of errors in case when the institution itself updates the system.

Relieving the institution's IT team.

The operation of the system is always based on the latest version.

Ensuring permanent access - support in the case of problems with the operation of the system.

Enabling customization and selection of USOS functionality to the individual needs of the institution.

About system

University Study-Oriented System - an IT system managing the course of studies at a university.

RELIABLE system created and developed by the consortium of MUCI universities

COMPATIBLE - prepared for integration with the university's systems

MATCHED - system was created by people who are its target and users


About us

In Sages we have been co-creating the Polish IT market since 2007. Our clients include companies such as Alior Bank, OLX Group, Santander, Orange Polska, Lufthansa and many others. We are co-creators of open source software and resources, e.g. the Polish language model for the most popular NLP library: spaCy. We also know that no one knows the needs of universities and the specifics of their work as well as they do, which is why we popularize and implement solutions that are developed at for Academia by Academia. We implement the Omega-PSIR system (number 1 in Poland and number 5 in the world in terms of the number of implementations). Scientists from various universities work at Sages - we have been checking and developing Polish and foreign IT tools and solutions for years, without losing sight of the actual needs of the institutions. In our team, we combine the world of business and science. We ensure smooth implementation of the latest and best solutions dedicated to science institutions. The USOS system, of course, is not the work of Sages. It was created by University Center for Informatization (MUCI). The main task of MUCI is to coordinate the activities of universities for computerization. In the structures of higher education in Poland, it is currently the only consortium that combines various types of universities: private and state, academic and vocational, classical, technical, medical, natural, economic and many other universities specializing in other fields science. They all work for a common goal.


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