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ChatGPT on your website

We will integrate chatGPT with the content on your websites. The artificial intelligence on which chatGPT is based will ensure smooth communication with your customers and support your employees. We will ensure that chatGPT only provides information from the chosen sources. We provide the opportunity to test our customized solution before implementation. Remember that chatGPT has certain limitations, so if you are looking for a complementary solution, ask us about a dedicated chatbot!

Streamline your customer service department with tailor-made chatbot AI

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Order management

Chatbot helps to place orders, process complaints, check order status.

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Integration with the company's tools

Connects to internal and external databases. Enables you to send automatic communications.

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Relieving your employees

Chatbot handles standard questions and employees can focus on more complex issues.

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Service enhancement

Reduces customer waiting time on the line. Recognizes caller emotions, e.g., automatically redirect a dissatisfied customer to an operator.

Chatbot informuje klienta kiedy przyjdzie paczka i oferuje zniżkę w zamian za opinię
Chatbot informuje o statusie zamówienia i podaje numer do kuriera
Chatbot informuje klienta kiedy przyjdzie paczka i oferuje zniżkę w zamian za opinię

Present a tailored offer

  • Provides the best care for customers. The fastest and tailored to their needs.

  • Takes over from employees repetitive, tedious tasks.

  • Combining automation with personalization allows you to scale up without decreasing the quality of customer care.

What chatbot do for your company

With the use of the latest achievements of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and NLP, our experts will create a special chatbot tailored to the individual needs and specificity of your company for Customer Service, Sales, HR departments, Accounting and Administration.

Discover chatbot capabilities for the banking sector

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Get the best employees by streamlining recruitment

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Chatbot to support the dean's office, staff, students and candidates.

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Administration, accounting and HR

Streamline processes, save employee time, and cut company costs.

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Marketing and sales

Improve marketing, increase sales and deliver expected results.


Integrates with popular platforms

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