Optimization of planners' work

UNIplaner - customized schedule, created easily and quickly


The process of creating a schedule

This is just a process proposal. We adapt to the way your University works.


Downloading data on subjects, class groups and instructors from the dean's office system or other selected system.


The lecturers determine their availability in the class calendar.


The planner and/or lecturer indicates preferences and priorities for assigning rooms to the subject and form of the class.


The system combines classes into blocks if that is the requirement.


The system builds the schedule and sends it to USOS or another system.

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Saving time

Benefits for the university

Days instead of long weeks spent putting together a schedule. Very easy for employees to use. Customizable to meet individual university needs.


Integrates with USOS or other systems used by the university (we can adjust to individual and specific requirements of the institution).







Years on the market

About us

UNIplaner is Sages' in-house development based on an open source solution. In it, we use our technological and area experience, previously expanded in the development and implementation of other tools for universities. As a result, we are able to provide an effective solution designed specifically for universities at a price achievable for a public institution.

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