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Employee Assessment System for Universities

Assessment process

The main tasks of the system is the ongoing collection of information about the department's employees and their activities and showing them in a single, common place for the entire department, and then processing the data while taking into account the department's rules for evaluating employees.


Based on data from multiple systems and information added by the employee, the system generates reports


Through a user-friendly interface, the employee easily updates the data and adds the documents and submits the assessment


The supervisor and the commission receive a single document including all the required information


An employee can receive an assessment result in the system and appeal against it

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Allows the configuration of assessment algorithms based on the regulations at the university

360 employee assessment

Automatically downloads data from various systems CRIS (e.g., Omega-PSIR), dean's office systems (e.g., USOS) and human resources and payroll systems. The software generates reports taking into account the university's employee assessment regulations. Supports the whole process from data collection to final rating.


The Employee Assessment System is a module of the Research Management and Administration (RMA) system being developed by Sages to collect information about a department's employees and conduct a periodical process of evaluating their scientific and professional activities.

Minimize manual work done by employees, assessors and those responsible for the process

Automating the university assessment process

Collect data from any system (adapts to the university).

Enabling the testing of algorithms and selecting the best one for the university.

Ease of use - modern and user-friendly graphical interface

Better employee control over evaluation


Years on the market

About us

The Employee Assessment System is part of Sages' in-house development. In it, we use our technological and area experience, previously expanded in the development and implementation of other tools for universities. As a result, we are able to deliver an effective solution designed specifically for universities at a price achievable for a public institution.

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