Three modules in one: Intranet, HR and Payroll, and Electronic Document Workflow

Employee Portal - 360 solution for two-way communication with university employees

Portal pracowniczy ekran główny

One system that covers all matters that employees handle at the university

The system takes over the tasks that were previously performed by administrative employees, such as the Payroll Department, and allows their time to be used for other tasks.

Downloadable financial statements

Answers to questions about payroll

Information on employee benefits

Information on social benefits

"Map" of units and individuals (used for contact purposes)


Great UX icon (rocket launching from the screen)

Good UX

Friendly interface makes employees actually use the Employee Portal and manage their own profiles in the university database.

Search icon displayed on the screen

Search engine

The availability of information and the ease of searching for it make employees less likely to seek support in the administrative staff.

Fitted to the needs icon (a modul displayed on the screen)

Clear layout

Key information for an employee (e.g., their code in the unit) is positioned in the foreground, so that they can access it immediately.

Making life easier for the administrative staff

Moving away from paper to digital. One system that simplifies communication, processes and administrative tasks.

All invoices in one system (easier control and analysis of finances).

Quickly inform thousands of employees about a variety of topics (flexibility in choosing the target group).

Limiting accessibility to particular information - division by department.

Posting job opportunities (internal and external recruitment).

Data analysis to see who is overloaded and who can take over the next tasks.


Data integration icon

Universal integration bus

Collecting data from a variety of systems

Communication tool icon (icon of info displayed on screen)

Communication platform

Ensures a smooth flow of information

Report tool icon (report displayed on screen)

Reporting tool

Greatly facilitates data and cost analysis

Benefits of streamlined process

For university employees

For university administration

No need to handle matters in person

Analytical reports and statistics

Automated calculations

Reduced waiting time for case processing

Automated accounting processes

Access to previous documents

Integration with field systems

Zarządzanie ludźmi - ikona

Improves the quality of communication with employees

A comprehensive ICT system to support institution communication and management

Provides unified access to all key information: salary details, absence and leave information, news, employee knowledge base or employee and team profiles.

Screen z Portalu - Nieobecności wykaz roczny na jednym ekranie
Portal Pracowniczy widok ekranu głównego
Portal pracowniczy widok Bazy wiedzy Pracownika.

A modern solution for universities with a user-friendly interface

    • Employment information
    • Employment history
    • Preview of personnel files
    • Preview of leaves and absences
    • Financial statements (PIT)
    • Salaries
    • My employees - package for managers
    • News
    • Announcements
    • Employee knowledge base
    • Profiles of employees and units
    • Search engine
    • Job offers
    • Holiday requests for non-teachers
    • Social benefits applications
    • Intra-university debit notes
    • Domestic business trips
    • Civil law agreements
    • Invoices

Implementation process

Thanks to its functionalities and user-centric approach, Employee Portal improves the institution's operations.


Analysis of the existing solution


Optimization and modeling


Consultation and implementation


User support




Documentation and training


completed electronic documents in Employee Portal at the University of Lodz alone

About us

Employee Portal is a system developed entirely in-house by the IT Center team of the University of Lodz as part of the activities of the consortium "Standardization of Management Solutions for Universities" formed by the University of Lodz and the University of Opole. Thanks to the involvement of a group of specialists from different areas working in an efficient team, the created tool is secure, efficient and ideally suited to the needs of academic institutions. It is implemented by Sages.

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