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We support sales, marketing, customer service, HR and process automation. In the area of artificial intelligence, we implement projects related to natural language processing, image analysis and process automation, such as chatbots for customer service, chatbots for internal company use, semantic search engines, or information extraction from unstructured sources such as documents and scans. We are co-creators of solutions for local languages, software and open source resources, such as the Polish language model for the most popular NLP library.

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We provide any type of service. We can quickly implement a typical solution or solve unusual problems.


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PLN 3.5 million for Sages company from NCRD for software for people with disabilities

Sages sp. z o.o. has received funding from NCRD for a project that could radically change the reality of people with disabilities. The amount of the grant is PLN 3.5 million, while the entire project is worth as much as PLN 4.5 million.


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We know technology like few others. We use the latest developments in Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, big data and natural language processing methods. We are experts who are at the forefront of the theory and practice of creating and implementing technological innovations. As part of our business, we employ:


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