OMEGA-PSIR software received ORCID accreditation

Jolanta Stępniak
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16 czerwca 2021

OMEGA-PSIR software, developed by the Institute of Computer Science at the Warsaw University of Technology, and developed and implemented in cooperation with Sages, has received accreditation as an ORCID data provider. Obtaining such accreditation requires the supplier to adapt its interface and data export procedures to the standards used by ORCID. OMEGA-PSIR meets all the conditions set by ORCID.

ORCID - is an international non-profit organization that aims to support academics in the exchange of information about their publications and scientific achievements. Its main goal is to give a unique identifier to each representative of the scientific world, so that they can unambiguously have all their achievements attributed to them - regardless of where and in what field they publish, under what form of their name or with what affiliation (institution). Registration in the database is free, and the assigned identifier does not expire. It is used, for example, in publications, moreover, many publishers adopt ORCID ID as an additional identifying element (in addition to the most common affiliation).

Any registered person can submit information about his/her scientific output (publications) to the ORCID database himself/herself, or he/she can use the assistance, of an accredited organization - a publication publisher or data provider. These organizations must be authorized by the ORCID ID holder to provide this data. Just one such authorized data provider is OMEGA-PSIR.

The advantage of using the option of transferring data by a licensed provider is that it is verified (correct), prepared according to accepted standards and transferred using the appropriate function (import/export), without the need for manual data entry, which could generate errors.

In Poland, the obligation for academics to obtain ORCID IDs and submit data on their publications to the ORCID database was introduced by the Law of July 20, 2018. Law on Higher Education and Science (Journal of Laws 2018 item 1668 as amended). The completeness of the achievements of employees of scientific institutions in this database, has been determined as one of the conditions for the evaluation of scientific institutions planned for the period 2017-2021.

The ORCID identification system is complementary to the systems used by providers of the world's largest publication information aggregators (e.g. SCOPUS ID - for authors of publications registered in the SCOPUS database or ResearcherID - for authors of publications registered in Web of Knowledge). However, the drawback of these solutions is that they are limited to authors publishing with publishers accepted by these databases. Therefore, ORCID is an independent organization, not affiliated with any particular publisher, making its identifier widely available.

Below are examples of ORCID IDs with links to a specific author's profile:

If your institution seeks to make information about the scientific achievements of its employees widely available and seeks support in the evaluation process, if it wants to submit data, regarding publications to the ORCID database, please contact us:

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