Education loans - what are they and who can benefit?

Karolina Zadroga
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1 września 2021

Education loans are interest-free, free assistance for improving professional skills. Who can apply for the loan, what are its advantages and when does the call for applications begin? We answer!

Loans for education - for whom?

Any adult person who resides in Poland can apply for a loan. In addition, you must have the ability to repay the loan in the form of adequate income or collateral for the loan. Importantly, the employment status is irrelevant - the applicant can be an unemployed person, an employee or an entrepreneur. The requested loan amount can be up to PLN 100,000. The loan can be used to finance any Sages training.

Types of training loans: OPEN and POWER

Education loans are paid from European funds: POWER and OPEN.


As part of the OPEN Fund project, you can apply for a loan for qualification and competence development. The loan can finance up to 100% of the cost of training that has not yet begun, as well as the cost of training that has already begun, but only up to the amount not yet paid.

A single loan amount can range from PLN 1,000 to PLN 100,000, and each Project Participant can use the loan several times. The condition for obtaining a loan is having the ability to repay it or presenting additional collateral (e.g. surety, pledge). Upon completion of the training, 15% of the loan's value is forgiven and, additionally, after meeting certain conditions, the level of forgiveness can increase up to 25%. Additional cancellation depends on, among other things, timely and proper repayment of the loan and the achievement of measurable results related to the improvement of qualifications and the acquisition of new competencies. Loan applications can be submitted through the OPEN Fund website, where information on current call dates can also be found.


Within the framework of the Operational Program Knowledge Education Development, financed by the European Social Fund, adults with full legal capacity may apply for an interest-free loan intended for, among other things, courses and training with a value of not less than PLN 600 and not more than PLN 100,000. It is possible to redeem 20% of the loan amount (repayable aid) on the basis of a document certifying the completion of the course. An additional 5% reimbursement can be given to those listed in detail here. The loan will be granted to those who have the ability to repay the loan, i.e. who demonstrate adequate income, or who provide adequate collateral for the loan. Applications can be submitted via the loan application generator on the POWER program website, where you can also find information on current call dates.

Do you want to apply for a loan?

Want to apply for a loan and need information? Our account managers will be happy to assist you in obtaining information about the documents necessary to submit an application at your location, as well as help you effectively argue for the form of support you choose, taking into account the current or future training needs of your employees. Contact us.

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