Implementation of the Omega-PSIR System at the Medical University of Varna

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16 maja 2024

In May 2023, Sages had the honor of signing a contract for the first international implementation of the Omega-PSIR system with the Medical University of Varna. The project's goal was to implement a system that allows for comprehensive management of scientific information and research potential.

The Medical University of Varna, also known as the Paraskewa Stoyanova Medical University, is a prestigious Bulgarian public higher education institution founded in 1961. This university is recognized as one of the leading medical institutions in the region, offering a wide range of educational programs in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, and public health. The university is renowned for its modern approach to teaching, scientific research, and international cooperation, which contributes to its strong position in the academic community.

Implementation of the Omega-PSIR System

The Omega-PSIR system, developed by Warsaw University of Technology, is an advanced tool supporting the management of scientific information and research potential. This system combines functionalities of a Current Research Information System (CRIS), an Institutional Repository (IR), and a Researcher Profile System (RPS). Omega-PSIR allows for comprehensive management of information on research activities, evaluation of the institution and its staff, and contributes to building the university's image and recognition on the international stage. The benefits of implementing the Omega-PSIR system for the Medical University of Varna are multifaceted. It enables efficient communication of research results, increases the visibility of the university's achievements worldwide, and facilitates the search for experts and international collaboration. With this system, the Medical University of Varna can now manage its research potential in a more organized and efficient manner.

Integrated Solutions for the University

As part of the collaboration with the Medical University of Varna, Sages successfully implemented several additional solutions that brought specific benefits to the university. Integration with external services such as WoS, SherpaRoMEO, CrossRef, ORCID, Google Analytics, and Google Scholar has significantly expanded the capabilities for analyzing and presenting the university's scientific achievements. As a result, the university's research work has gained greater visibility in international databases, leading to increased prestige and recognition on the global stage. The migration of personnel data from the university's system has ensured consistent information about the university's staff.

The migration of data from DSpace to Omega-PSIR allowed for system consolidation. Now, the Medical University of Varna has a coherent and integrated system for storing publications, research papers, and other materials, enabling users to conveniently browse and search scientific resources through a single interface.

The visual customization of the university's website, in addition to improving aesthetics, has facilitated navigation and access to information for students, staff, and visitors. This is particularly important in the context of building the university's image as a modern and globally open institution.

Training sessions for users ensured that the university staff is well-prepared to work with the new systems, guaranteeing their effective use and maximizing the benefits of the implementation.

First Steps on the International Stage

The project of implementing all systems at the Medical University of Varna was a groundbreaking endeavor that ended in full success. From May 2023 to January 2024, our team worked on integrating advanced IT solutions that significantly contributed to the modernization and optimization of university processes. This collaboration not only provided the Medical University of Varna with access to the latest technologies but also allowed for increased efficiency in scientific and administrative work.

This implementation was unique for several reasons. First, it was the first international implementation of a Polish system, which required special attention due to language barriers and differences in evaluation requirements. Second, the entire project was conducted remotely, presenting an additional challenge but also** confirming our ability to effectively manage projects remotely**. Third, by employing process automation during implementation, we reduced the execution time and minimized the risk of errors.

In summary, the implementation of the Omega-PSIR system at the Medical University of Varna demonstrates that Polish solutions can meet global challenges and fulfill the expectations of international institutions. Thanks to this project, the Paraskewa Stoyanova Medical University now enjoys a comprehensive system that not only streamlines daily operations but also opens new opportunities for scientific and educational development.

Open science is a dynamic trend gaining recognition across Europe. Universities and research institutions increasingly strive to make their resources, research results, and publications publicly available. We are proud to provide modern IT solutions that are crucial for the development and competitiveness of universities in the educational market and contribute to innovative discoveries and scientific progress.

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