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Karolina Zadroga
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12 lutego 2021

Sages' special offer Grow in Knowledge from Spring is a proposal for training packages in 6 subject areas. Each package consists of two or three training courses for companies and individuals on topics that are among the most popular on the market today.

Savings and motivation

Choosing the option of package training allows you to acquire comprehensive knowledge in a given area in a given period of time. At the same time, it allows flexibility due to the availability of training courses several times a year. This allows the participant to choose a convenient date at any time during the offer. In addition, deciding to order a training package, we gain the certainty of a good price offer - each training is guaranteed 20% discount already at the time of ordering it. In addition, taking advantage of this promotion means that the price remains unchanged until the end of the year.

It is also worth noting the motivational aspect. Ordering a package means taking on a certain challenge, by committing to several trainings at once, we gain an additional source of motivation.

Available packages

  1. Angular Training Package - 2 trainings:
  1. Python Training Package - 3 trainings:
  1. Spring Training Package - 2 training courses to choose from:
  1. React Training Package - 2 training courses:
  1. Power BI Training Package - 2 trainings:
  1. Kubernetes Training Package - 2 training courses to choose from:

Rules for taking advantage of the offer.

Training packages are now available for sale for companies and individual customers. There is only time to place an order until the end of the calendar spring, i.e. June 22, but implementation can be scheduled until the end of December. Training dates have been set in several editions throughout the year, so you can start learning in the spring, or classically in the fall. Note, however, that the package is valid until the end of 2021.

If you need to cancel the training on a previously selected date, it is possible to sign up for the next date. With regard to cancellation dates, the rules apply in accordance with the regulations of open training (regulations available here).

Each of our training courses is generally available as either onsite training at Sages training centers or remote / live training with a trainer via Zoom, Webex or Meet interactive virtual desktop. Due to the epidemiological threat of the COVID-19 coronavirus, all open training until further notice is exclusively conducted remotely, including training for companies.



Do I have to pay for the entire package at once?

  • No, settlement of participation in the training is made at the time of confirmation of the training on the basis of a proforma contract.

Will trainings from one package be conducted by the same trainer?

  • In many cases yes, but there is no such guarantee. Information about the trainer will be available a minimum of one month before the training.

What if I miss the first training date of the package?

  • You can start learning at any time. Each of the training courses in the package has several dates.

What if I don't make it to training by the end of the year?

  • In justified cases, it is possible to extend the validity of the package for another 6 months.

Can I exchange the training from the package for another training from the Sages offer?

  • Only the designated training courses are offered.

Are there any funding options available for training?

Are there plans to repeat the sale at another time?

  • The sale under these terms and conditions and including these trainings is a one-time offer this year.

What if I have to cancel my participation in the training? Will I get a refund?

  • Each situation is considered on a case-by-case basis, but we always follow a pro-client approach.

Does the offer combine with other promotions?

  • Discounts obtained under the "Grow..." offer do not combine with other promotions. If there is a more attractive discount offer in our offer that includes package training it will be possible to exchange it with the "Grow ..." promotion.

To sign up for the program, contact our advisor:

Spring 2020 was not one of the best, you have a chance to use the coming spring doubly productive by purchasing a package of 2 training courses and gaining a double portion of knowledge. 1

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