Funding for KFS training in 2017

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12 stycznia 2017

The National Training Fund (KFS) is a form of financial support that makes it possible to subsidize training for employees and employers. In order to stay strong in the labor market, it is essential to supplement and update existing skills and professional qualifications.


What measures have been planned for 2017?

The Labor Fund Plan for 2017 allocates PLN 199,588 for the expenses of the National Training Fund. The funds can be used for:

  1. specifying training needs that can be met with KFS funds,
  2. courses and postgraduate studies and examinations to be attended by employees at the employer's initiative or with the employer's consent,
  3. medical and psychological examinations, if they prove necessary,
  4. accident insurance in connection with participation in continuing education.

Is KFS co-financing for you?

Any company, office, foundation employing employees under an employment contract, as well as individuals running a business and employing at least one person under an employment contract, can apply for a grant. It does not matter what type of employment contract the employees benefiting from KFS-supported education are employed under, and whether it is full-time or part-time. The subsidy is provided on the basis of de minimis aid, i.e. non-refundable support for enterprises by the state.

It is worth noting that no age restrictions apply.

The employer can get as much as 80% of the subsidy for training and exams, which means that it covers only 20% of the cost of training. Micro-enterprises employing up to 10 people can get 100% funding.

What should you do first?

Remember that support can only be granted before the start of training, so the application should be submitted well in advance. The deadline for processing the application is 30 days. The amount of funds is limited, and a successful application is determined not only by the correctness of the completed documents, but also by the order of application, so do not delay in submitting your application. To apply, the employer must apply to the labor office with jurisdiction over the registered office or place of business.


Additional information can be found on the page dedicated to KFS at Sages and on the website of the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Policy.

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