Dotnet Summit 2023 (online) - December 18, 2023

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7 grudnia 2023

This autumn, on December 18, 2023, the** Dotnet Summit 2023 (online) **will take place, this time in the form of an online conference! You're warmly invited! This year, the conference will be held in an online transmission format. It is aimed at all IT industry professionals who want to navigate the world of the latest technologies, tools, and business.

The event brings together architects, programmers, DevOps, project managers, database designers, security specialists, network administrators, and representatives of large businesses.

The conference ensures the highest level of lectures conducted by prominent figures in the Polish IT industry.

Participation in the event is** free,** and tickets for the event are available for download through the Evenea portal:

The event starts at 9:20 AM.


Discover sample topics:

1. Ref-everything - utilizing ref variables for performance and .NET glory

2. IoT device management using MQTT protocol. Implementing MQTT client in .NET application


Kamil Bączek - Kamil is an experienced .NET Software Engineer. His passion for creating top-quality software makes him highly committed to every project he works on. As an enthusiast of solid software architecture, Kamil employs various techniques such as Event Storming and Domain Driven Design to assist teams in modeling their business domain and designing solutions that are not only effective but also scalable and efficient.

Marek Zając - Husband, tech leader, .NET programmer. A lover of new technologies and fast cars. He's an online creator and promoter of the .NET platform, particularly Blazor technology, as well as a pragmatic approach to building projects.


Participants must reserve a free ticket, which will provide them with a link to access the event.

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