AI & NLP Day 2021 conference and workshop - ticket presale begins!

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9 lipca 2021

The 4th edition of AI & NLP Day - a conference bringing together professionals and enthusiasts of artificial intelligence and natural language processing, organized by Sages and the Institute of Computer Science Foundations of the Polish Academy of Sciences - will take place on September 23 and 24.

What can you expect at the 4th edition of AI & NLP Day 2021?

The event will be held fully online via the Balloon platform.

Participants over two days will be able to attend talks and workshops in three thematic areas: artificial intelligence and machine learning, natural language processing and big data/cloud, as well as speeches by the winners of the PolEval competition:

  • September 23 - speeches by top speakers from the world of science and business, as well as PolEval competition winners
  • September 24 - practical workshops

In addition, participants will receive access to recordings of all speeches after the event.

Poleval 2021 competition

For another year in a row, during the conference there will be an opportunity to listen to speeches and talk to the winners of PolEval 2021 - a competition for IT tools for Polish language processing. The goal of the competition is to improve the quality of existing solutions, test new algorithms and promote linguistic engineering.

Applications for the contest are currently being accepted - we invite everyone willing to participate in the fifth edition devoted to such problems as automatic correction of text from ASR-type systems in terms of punctuation, evaluation of quality measures for machine translation, correction of OCR results or question answering. Information about the contest can be found at:

AI & NLP Day 2021 - sales and types of tickets.

We have prepared three types of tickets: access to speeches (1 day), access to speeches and workshops (2 days), and PREMIUM package, which in addition to access to the conference and workshops (2 days), additionally includes the Masterclass "Natural Language Processing".

Choose the EARLY BIRD package in the pre-sale:

  • Participation in the conference (1 day) - PLN 199
  • Conference + workshops (2 days) - 399 zł
  • PREMIUM: conference + workshops + NLP course - PLN 1399.

Only until July 31 tickets for AI & NLP Day 2021 are available at the lowest price.Buy a ticket

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are some of the fastest growing areas of IT. Benefit from the knowledge of experts and stay up to date!

For details of the AI & NLP Day 2021 event and a full schedule of speakers, visit:

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