Cloud technologies - the essentials of a good manager

Karolina Zadroga
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7 lipca 2021

In the era of the coronavirus pandemic, the digitization of businesses in Poland has begun to accelerate. Many companies have had to change their existing work styles and adapt them to the new reality, in which remote work plays a significant role. This would not have happened without the help of cloud computing, which has made it much easier for organizations to function in completely new conditions. We answer why you should be interested in the development towards cloud technologies.

In the report "Barriers and Trends. Technological Transformation of Companies in Poland from a Human/Employee/Consumer Perspective" as many as 67% of Poles admit that the reason for the acceleration of technological change in Poland was a pandemic. The increasing prevalence of remote work has contributed to the growing popularity of cloud services. They make it possible to implement new solutions in the company much faster, at the same time at a fairly low cost.

According to Deloitte's report "Public Cloud in Poland. "Public cloud in Poland" as many as 90% of companies that identify themselves as market leaders use cloud solutions. On the other hand, in companies that only aspire to be leaders, this percentage is much lower, at only 50%. The situation may soon change, as 86% of high-level IT and network managers plan to migrate business systems or applications to the cloud in the next 12 months. This is according to ESG's January 2021 Technology Spending Intentions Survey. This means that the popularity of the cloud is growing and the trend is not likely to reverse anytime soon. That's why it's so important to take care of employee development precisely on the topic of cloud services.

In response to the growing demand for cloud technologies, National Cloud was established. It is the largest cloud service provider in Poland, which implements and integrates environments such as Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure. In addition, it also has its own Cloud National platform.

Global providers have also recognized the potential of the Polish cloud market. Microsoft and Google have decided to set up so-called cloud regions in Poland, which will be based on data centers located in our country and in cooperation with local partners. The Polish cloud market is developing so dynamically that it is not surprising that foreign companies have noticed this and decided to take advantage of it as soon as possible. This is why the American cloud content management company Box chose Warsaw as the location of its office. Polish entrepreneurs should also be aware of the growing potential that lies in cloud technologies.

As the cloud will play an increasingly important role in the operation of businesses, the demand for cloud specialists is growing. To date, as many as 63% of companies using the cloud during migration, implementation and maintenance of systems have relied on experts from external providers - only 37% of companies have entrusted these tasks to in-house specialists. However, due to the increasing demand for such services, companies will eventually decide to have people in charge of cloud technologies in their ranks. There will have to be changes in companies, dictated by the rapidly advancing digitization. There will be an increased need not only to hire new employees, but also to develop cloud competence also, and perhaps especially, in managers. It will fall on the shoulders of managers to efficiently manage a team working with cloud technologies on a daily basis. As a result, services are slowly appearing on the market to train future and current employees to use the benefits of cloud computing wisely.

It is for this reason that Kozminski University, in cooperation with Sages, has created a postgraduate course on "Cloud computing in project and organization management." The purpose of these studies is to provide practical knowledge and develop competencies to successfully carry out cloud technology implementations, both at the level of selected services and overall transformations. The study program can be divided into three modules: technology, security, management. During the first, students will learn how to design and build cloud-based solutions, they will also learn about specialized services. The second module will discuss the security of cloud infrastructure, as well as legal aspects important during any cloud transformation. On the other hand, in a module on management, participants will learn about the role of the cloud in an organization's digital transformation. They will also learn how to comprehensively manage projects based on cloud technologies and manage the costs of such projects.

The studies are organized at Kozminski University - the most prestigious business university in eastern and central Europe according to the Financial Times ranking, which in 2020 was ranked 1st among economic universities in Poland according to the "Perspectives" ranking. Classes are taught by experts who are involved in commercial projects on a daily basis. Thanks to such a solution, students can count not only on a powerful dose of theoretical knowledge, but also practical know-how. It is worth mentioning that these are the only studies designed for managers that teach how to carry out cloud transformation based on modern technological solutions. These studies are a response to the growing problem of a shortage of qualified personnel with the knowledge and experience needed for cloud transformation. Recruitment for the fall edition of the studies is now underway.

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