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Łukasz Kobyliński
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27 maja 2016

After a long break, we are back to (we hope) regularly communicating what's interesting at Sages, in the form of a blog. During these few years of existence, we have undergone major changes, our team has expanded several times, both in terms of the office and the cooperating experts and trainers. We participate in many interesting projects, our business is no longer just training, hence we hope that the information on this blog will be of interest to you.

For a good start - a brief summary of where you can find information about us and the events we organize or in which we participate.

YouTube - here you can see the authors of the trainings, who tell you why it is worth coming to the classes they conduct; on YouTube we also post recordings of presentations and workshops that are organized at Sages or Station.IT

Twitter - this is the most up-to-date information about current and upcoming events, as well as live reports from events; on Twiter we also provide information about video reports broadcast via Periscope.

SlideShare - here you'll find presentations from workshops organized as part of Stations.IT, as well as selected materials from training sessions at Sages.

Facebook - on Facebook we write not only about events organized by us, but also about what may interest you elsewhere in Poland and the world.

IT Station - we will write more about the Station in the near future; it is one of our most important events this year - a place where you can participate in a full-day workshop completely free or for the price of a concert ticket.


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