Areas of remote work that need special attention from any company in the face of coronavirus

Michał Kardasz
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10 czerwca 2020

The global pandemic has dynamically forced employers to change their work arrangements. Both local startups and multinational corporations have had to deal with the coronavirus. In turn, remote work has ceased to be treated as a benefit and has become a necessary standard. Below are the areas, will have a key impact on the functioning of any company.


In the face of a crisis situation, which is undoubtedly a coronavirus pandemic, there is a special obligation on the employer to communicate with his employees in a quick, clear and understandable way. This can be helped by as simple communications as possible, as well as the implementation of summaries of past actions taken by the company at a regular interval (such as weekly calle or video conferences of the entire team or company). It can also be helpful to organize a virtual Q&A session, where any interested employee will be able to inquire about topics of importance to them related to the current situation. It is also important not only to communicate what the employer has already done, but also to inform about the next steps that will be taken in the near future. To make it easier for any employee to find all the news related to the company's activities in the era of the coronavirus, it is a good idea to put past communications under one address.



The global pandemic has caused an increase in the number of cyber attacks in various parts of the world. They affect individuals (hackers use information about the epidemic to phish for social network login credentials and BLIK codes), but also governments, NGOs and companies. The main methods used by cybercriminals are spam messages suggesting correspondence about COVID-19 and a surge in phishing attacks. According to Eset's report, the country with the most detected spam messages sent in Q1 2020 is the United States (18.4%) and in second place was..Poland with 6.6%.

We should take the above information as a yellow warning light both if we are an employer who is responsible for the cybersecurity area, as well as a "serial employee" who may fall victim to a well-prepared attack.



Coronavirus is changing the job market. The freezing of the economy in many industries has proved particularly severe. The values that are important to employees are also changing before our eyes. Not so long ago, companies were outdoing themselves in offering a wide range of benefits, led by large team-building trips, followed by "fruit Wednesdays" or "pizza Fridays."

However, in the current situation, some employers, for both economic and practical reasons, are choosing to limit the non-financial perks offered. Other companies, on the other hand, are trying to tailor benefits to the current needs of employees by offering, for example, psychological support to improve mental health or virtual mindfulness sessions to help combat stress and negative emotions. Employer-paid streaming platforms such as Netflix and Spotify are becoming increasingly popular add-ons, as are discounts or vouchers to many service or dining outlets where we order a meal with home delivery.


Flexibility at a premium

Communication, security and employee care are areas that have always made up the smooth functioning of any organization. In the era of the coronavirus pandemic, however, they are of particular importance, which is why a conscious employer should react quickly to the changes taking place and flexibly adjust the work environment in terms of both market expectations and its own employees. Besides, flexibility is the key word in the current situation - smooth adaptation to new realities has always been an added value for any business and has allowed it to emerge victoriously from economic, economic and social turbulence.

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