June in the clouds

Karolina Zadroga
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31 maja 2021

In June we would like to introduce our offerings from the area of cloud technologies. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our proposals for this month.

Trainings in cloud solutions

Cloud special offers

PROMOTIONAL TRAINING PRICE for each open training order from the Cloud category placed by the end of June is entitled to a 15% discount. The order applies to training delivered on any date until the end of the year.

OFFER FOR COMPANIES - to each order for dedicated training in any subject we add in the price a voucher worth 1000 PLN for the purchase of any e-learning courses.

ATTRACTIVE PRICE OF CLOUD BASICS COURSE - pre-sale of e-learning course Cloud Basics is in progress, now you can buy it as much as 400 PLN cheaper.

Workshop at the IT Station

This month, IT Station joins our action again. This time with as many as two events:

  • Spring Boot in the AWS cloud - June 12 - all details here
  • First Steps with Microsoft Azure - June 26 - all details here

Free webinar

Join us for a free webinar hosted by our expert Kamil Mrzygłód.

"Designing a High Availability Architecture in Microsoft Azure". - June 10, 6:00 p.m.Go to free registration.

During the event:

  • we will address issues related to HA(high-availability) using the Azure cloud,
  • we will discuss basic terms related to high-availability assurance,
  • we will see services and components that are useful in the context of a cloud environment.

Content to read and listen to on this topic

Articles from our blog:

  • How to prepare to enter the cloud? READ MORE

  • Big Data and developers - the world of cloud data as seen through the eyes of a developer READ MORE

  • How to rock while standing on the ground - the cloud in a large organization and a small start-up READ MORE

Podcast Station.it

  • Kamil Mrzygłód on cloud solutions - about their applications, capabilities and costs GO TO PODCAST

Recording of the webinar

  • With your head in the clouds, or first steps in Microsoft Azure - presenter: Kamil Mrzygłód WATCH THE RECORDING

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