7 qualities of good training for an employee

Karolina Zadroga
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29 maja 2020

Organizing training for employees is the hallmark of a good employer. His task is not only to manage the team on a daily basis, but also to analyze its performance and look for weaknesses. To eliminate them and fill the competence gaps in the team, it is worthwhile to conduct training for employees. What features should it have in order to bring the expected result and equally involve all participants?

Matching the level of knowledge of the participants and the trainer's individual approach to each of them

Good training should meet the needs of the group being trained. If we present it with content that is too difficult, it will very quickly feel demotivated and discouraged from absorbing the knowledge. On the other hand, obvious or too beginner-like information will bring boredom to the room. So it is definitely worth before the training to discern the level of knowledge of its participants - a needs analysis is an extremely important part of our work with each client.The trainer should know about the strengths and weaknesses of the participants of the training for employees. The knowledge obtained will allow to better adjust the content of the training. If the group engages in the activities and demonstrates above-average knowledge, it is worth going beyond the training topics. If the attendees say little, engage them through questions.

2 Appropriate topics

There is nothing worse than talking out of turn. Training is supposed to be a compendium of knowledge on a given topic. Participants in employee training want to get the specific knowledge they need to do the job in their department. If you are going to cover a variety of topics, it is not only a good idea to divide the training, but above all to hire specialists in the relevant fields.

3. conducted by a specialist

Good training for employees should be conducted by a specialist. A person who has eaten his teeth on a given topic and is also a great didactician. It is good when the presenter has charisma and can infect others with passion. When deciding to cooperate with an expert, check his experience and verify whether the company takes care of proper preparation of the training staff.

4 Case study

Theory is important, but it is practice that attracts attention during training. Therefore, if you want to prepare good training for employees, it is worth remembering real-life examples. By presenting them, we will not only better illustrate reality, but engage employees in the class. They will be more willing to share examples from their lives.

5. small training groups

It's not for nothing that teachers in schools divide students into groups. This allows you to better control the company. Good training for employees is also worth conducting in small groups. Participants will open up to each other faster, and the trainer will remember the assembled more easily.

6. training materials

Employees are more likely to go to a training course from which they will get not only knowledge, but also materials for later learning. Therefore, it is worth preparing interesting training materials for each employee. Make sure they contain as much substantive content as possible. Otherwise, they are likely to land quickly in the trash garbage can.

7. availability of the trainer after the meeting and post-training reports.

A good training session for employees should not end after they leave the room. The presenter should not only be available to those interested for several minutes after the training (that's when additional questions usually only arise). The specialist always leaves his contact information, encourages contact, and even offers cooperation. It is also important to collect feedback from participants after the training. Then, based on the responses, a report is created so that you know what was good about the training and what needs improvement.

In order to organize good training for employees, it is necessary to take into account their needs, level of knowledge and the current situation in the company. Whether the training was really useful will become apparent in the next few weeks after it has been conducted.

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